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Roofing Maintenance

Just like with your car or your air conditioning unit, the key to getting the most out of your roof's estimated lifespan is regular roofing maintenance. Why wait until your roof starts to leak to do some maintenance? You wouldn't drive your car for years and not take it to someone to have it checked out before a long trip, your roof is no different. Having your roof inspected and maintained regularly will save you headaches later.


Your roof protects all your belongings

Every drop of water on a poorly maintained roof is the potential for a water-damaged computer or ruined family photo. You have everything to lose by waiting. Heritage Roofing is here to make sure that your home stays free of water damage from a leaking or poorly maintained roof.


Most roofing issues cannot be seen from ground level

The first line of defense is inspecting the roof from above. Sometimes taking at look inside walls and ceilings can be telling as well. We may even need to poke around in the attic! We know all the tips of the trade and can help you spot problems before they become problems, all while maintaining our affordable price range. We are committed to all your roof maintenance needs.


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